Name: Sonic Slash
Status: Dead
Download: Demo 4, Demo 3, Demo 2, Demo 1
Description: Our team's current project, Sonic Slash, was be our first fan game. It was cancelled due to lack of originality and a ton of bugs. These were the engine features:
  • Static Movement
  • Basic Features
    • Rings
    • Badniks (very basic AI)
    • Boxes
    • Losing Rings (static concept by Damizean)
  • Loops (static concept by Lightning Hedgehog)
  • Grinding (static concept by Nitemare)
  • Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails as playable characters with their own classic moves.
  • Underwater
  • Light Speed Dash (static concept by Lightning Hedgehog)
  • Sonic Slash (Game's Signature Move)
It would have had featured a total of 14 zones (27 acts plus 13 short boss acts, a total of 40 acts). These were the levels that we planned to include:
  • Sunset Valley
  • Tangle Wood
  • Chaos Ruins
  • Gray City
  • Chilly Peaks
  • Dynamo Heights
  • Inferno's Rage
  • Desert Dunes
  • Crystal Palace
  • Launch Pad (to be renamed)
  • Sky High
  • Star Sparks
  • Egg Wall
  • Deep Space Quadrant

Lastly, the storyline that was supposed to pull you in =P.

While Tails is waiting for Sonic and Knuckles to come and see his newest airplane, Dr. Eggman kidnaps him. While he's in captivity, Dr. Eggman performs a little brain surgery on Tails to implant a mind control device inside his head (obviously). Of course, Sonic and Knuckles set off to rescue Tails, and the rescue is successful. But they are yet to find about about the mind control device. Dr. Eggman "sends" them a little message through Tails stating that they must find and hand over all seven Chaos Emeralds to him if they wish to have the mind control device removed. Will Sonic comply with Eggman's request or will he turn his back on his friend?