Name: Emerald Ties: Crossing Fates
Status: Active
Download: Demo 2
Description: This is the Chao Killer Team's current project. If this first game goes well, I plan to make a sequel to it. The game series is called Emerald Ties. This chapter of the series is called Crossing Fates. The SAGE 9 demo now has a full level. ^_^
  • 360° Pixel Movement
  • Basic Features
    • Rings
    • Badniks (very basic AI)
    • Classic Sonic Powerups
    • New and Original Powerups
    • Springs
    • Losing Rings (static concept by Damizean)
  • Super form transformation
  • Complete Underwater and Super form physics

I won't go into every little feature that the engine contains as that would be unnecessary. Those are some of the highlights. Please keep in mind that I haven't finished this yet, so expect more features and original moves to come. This is a work in progress so keep checking back for updates.

And lastly, comes the storyline. Expect revisions and such as time progresses. The game takes place after Sonic 3. Here's a basic overview.

With the power of the Chaos Emeralds, Sonic was able to restore peace to the planet and destroy Dr. Eggman's Doom's Day creation, the Death Egg. As he finished his job, the Chaos Emeralds scattered to different locations across the planet as they were no longer needed. With peace restored, Sonic and pals could finally relax. 9 years later, the planet began experiencing small earthquakes. The source is unknown.