This page is going to be very simple. Making things look pretty isn't my forte :3

Well, what can I say? I got sucked back into Pokemon upon the release of Diamond and Pearl. However, the combination of desire to play Pokemon and to sharpen my Visual Basic skills collided together to make my first real Visual Basic program, LiteDex.

LiteDex is basically simple Pokedex. You may be saying, "Yeah, well, there's tons of them all over the Internet, why would I want to use your's?" There are a couple of reasons why you'd want it:

1. There are not many download-able Pokedexes that I've seen. Unlike most you find online that require an internet connection to get all the information, LiteDex is a one-time download.

2. It's compact. Most of the Pokedexes that I've found are usually upwards of 4mb. Now, I realize that in today's world with high-speed internet, downloading larger files is not too much of an issue, however, the smaller the better in my opinion. LiteDex takes up just under 700kb.

3. It's no frills. LiteDex is not aimed at someone who is trying to EV train or do anything extravagant. LiteDex contains only the essential information about Pokemon. This information includes: Type, weaknesses, evolution chains, level-up attacks, egg moves, and base stats.

4. It's fast. There's not really any loading time. Because LiteDex only contains the essential information it doesn't need a lot of time to load the data.

5. It has any easy to use search function that allows you to see the results as you type the name of the Pokemon in. It can search by first letter, a phrase that the Pokemon's name contains, or an exact match.

So, that's basically it. I'm not sure how well this will catch on, if at all, but I hope some people find good use of it. I meant this to be a small little program that you could use on the fly for figuring out what's weak to what. The only thing that I'm considering adding to this in the future is resistances, however, I'm running out of steam for adding new things because I have to do each Pokemon's data one by you might imagine, that gets very tedious.

Download here: LiteDex 0.8b

Please note that this was written in Visual Basic 2005 (.NET) and requires that the Microsoft .NET Framework be installed. If you are having trouble running LiteDex, you most likely don't have this. Most Windows XP and Windows Vista computers have this installed, however I was getting some reports about some users having this problem. Download it from Microsoft's website here: Download .NET Framework 2.0

Good luck with all your battling!
- Gamerdude and [ Cloud ] of the LiteDex Team

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